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Anton Gazenbeek

Since 1985 Anton has, in various roles and capacities, been involved in European-level environmental policies and funding programmes. Focus: nature conservation (Natura 2000 Network, Marine Protected Areas, Private Land Conservation) and related topics such as mining and geology, river dynamics and restoration, animal welfare, landscape and heritage management and the environmental and socio-economic aspects of agriculture and forestry. Examples of assignments:

  • Secretariat of a European Parliament cross-party intergroup, informing and assisting MEPs
  • Managing external teams contracted by the European Commission to help it implement the LIFE funding programme
  • Coordinating expert teams to evaluate bids for EU grant funding or procurement contracts
  • Elaborating criteria and procedures for an annual Natura 2000 Award
  • Scoping and mapping farming-for-biodiversity initiatives
  • Researching best-practice conservation in military training areas
  • Managing a study on economic benefits of marine protected areas

Main skills acquired:

  • coordinating and tracking funding programme budgets and expenditure, managing calls and grants/contracts
  • supervising project portfolios, including on-site technical audits to inspect, guide and assess progress, check financial statements and troubleshoot problems
  • analysing project outcomes for policy relevance, lessons and innovations
  • supervising studies; producing publications for non-specialist professionals
  • responding to stakeholders' questions about policies and programmes and acting on their suggestions.

Anton's most recent activity was in the European Commission Directorate-General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries from 2013-2020: the blue economy, its socio-economic trends and its sustainability.

Anton is a Steering Committee member at the International Land Conservation Network ILCN.


Anton Gazenbeek
Phone: +32495223250
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