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2014 call for LIFE Action Grants now open

The 2014 call for LIFE Action Grants is now open. Legal persons (entities) registered in the European Union are invited to present proposals for either of the LIFE sub-programmes: Environment and Climate Action.

For the Environment sub-programme the call covers action grants for “Traditional” projects, Prepatory projects, Integrated projects, Technical Assistance projects, and Capacity Building projects. However, for the Climate Action sub-programme the call only covers “Traditional” projects and Capacity Building projects (the other project types will be covered from 2015).

Applicants must use the LIFE application packages, which can be downloaded from the LIFE website and which contain detailed explanations regarding eligibility, procedures, co-financing rates and other relevant details. If you are unsure which EU funding programme or LIFE sub-programme is most suited to your needs, additional information can be found in this LIFE orientation document.

For application packages and further details about each of the sub-programme project types, see the LIFE website.