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EKLIPSE call for requests on biodiversity-related issues


EKLIPSE coordinates innovative and transparent approaches for science, policy and societal actors to jointly provide the best available evidence leading to better informed decision-making. The topic and/or evidence needs are identified by policy and other societal actors. The objective of this call is to encourage policy and other societal actors to suggest topics and/or evidence needs to be addressed by EKLIPSE.

EKLIPSE is an EU-funded project that facilitates the process of developing a self-sustainable EU support mechanism, building on the network of networks on biodiversity and ecosystem services that has been developing in Europe thanks to many networks, projects, learned societies, civil society organisations and interest groups (see www.eklipse-mechanism.eu).

The deadline for suggesting requests is 30th September 2016. EKLIPSE will evaluate all requests and select 2-3 requests to be addressed in 2016/17. Selected topics will be announced by the 14th of November 2016.

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