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EU Pollinators Initiative – an update from Brussels

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On 13 November Eurosite attended the “Workshop on conservation measures that benefit pollinators applied under the Nature Directives in Natura 2000 sites” organised by IUCN and hosted by the European Commission DG Environment.

On this occasion it was announced that the EC is finalising action plans for two habitat types: 4030 European dry heaths and 6210 Semi-natural dry grasslands and scrubland facies on calcareous substrates (*important orchid sites). These two habitat types are of high importance for invertebrates & pollinators in particular as well as other species of EU conservation concern. They cover a large surface of the EU Member States and are in Unfavourable conservation status. Therefore, there is a need for action and cooperation at regional and EU levels supported by adequate funding. The final draft of the Action Plan for 6210 is already available.

Further to this, during the meeting the EC has announced that they are working on the establishment of a data platform that will store data from different projects working on pollinators. The idea is to make this data freely available for research. An interesting example from Denmark was presented during the workshop showing the measures that farmers can take on their land to improve the habitat conditions for pollinator species. Farmers in Denmark are willing to help but need evidence-based guidelines. This image from the Danish campaign illustrates what measures farmers can take and how much do they contribute in a form of “Bee points”.

Bee Campaign by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council

For a full workshop report, please go here.