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European Commission sets its priorities for 2017


On October 25, the European Commission published its Work Programme for 2017. The Work Programme outlines the Commission’s new initiatives and priorities for the year ahead. The Programme informs European citizens, institutions and stakeholders on how the Commission will deliver on its political priorities and turn them into concrete actions.

The Dods EU Monitoring team has prepared an overview of the different initiatives and proposals the Commission will present during the course of the next twelve months, divided by policy areas.

The Commission has identified 21 new key initiatives and 34 priority proposals on which work has already started. In addition to the new initiatives and on-going priorities, the Work Programme also outlines initiatives included in the Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT) programme with the aim to make EU law simpler and to reduce the costs of regulation, as well as intended withdrawals, modifications and repeals of existing legislation and legislative and non-legislative proposals.

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