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Green Week 2017: Green jobs for a greener future

Green Week

The EU’s opportunity to debate and discuss European’s environmental policy from 29 May to June 2 was themed ‘Green jobs for a greener future’, focusing on how EU environmental policies are creating green jobs and contributing to economic, sustainable and socially responsible growth in the EU. It also highlighted the demand for new types of green skills in many professional sectors.

In line with the theme, the EU LIFE programme came out with a new publication on greening jobs and growth, because “The EU has a strong export position in this field. The Circular Economy Package adopted by the European Commission in December 2015 will generate business opportunities and jobs in new and expanding sectors, such as recycling, as well as in innovative services such as product leasing. Additionally, meeting the targets of the 2030 climate and energy framework could create an additional 700 000 jobs by 2030”, according to Karmena Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

During this year’s Green Week many projects and success stories were presented. As part of Green Week 2017, Eurosite, CEEweb for Biodiversity and IUCN hosted a partner event on how people and the economy can benefit from nature.