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Integrated Projects – new LIFE programme

Integrated Projects are a new type of project that aim to improve the implementation of environment and climate policy by focusing on the implementation of environmental or climate plans and strategies on a larger territorial scale (e.g. regional, multi-regional, national). Integrated Projects are an important aspect of the new LIFE regulation. They will mean that LIFE can be used not only as a tool for providing environmental solutions, but also as a catalyst to leverage funds from other sources. The Commission funding will be split 30/70 between IPs and traditional projects.

These projects should improve the integration of environment and climate aspects into other EU policies. To do this they will need to be inclusive, so they require stakeholders to be involved.

They are intended to coordinate the mobilisation of other EU, national and private funds for environmental and climate objectives, encouraging applicants to develop a strategic approach towards certain environmental and climate challenges by using various funds and programmes. LIFE support will therefore be used to implement new or existing sectoral programmes such as regional Natura 2000 networks, river basin management plans, waste management plans or cross-border flood prevention strategies. This will require structured cooperation between LIFE and the other main EU Funds within the Common Strategic Framework.

For Environment, Integrated Projects will focus on plans and programmes related to the Birds and Habitats Directives, the Water Framework Directive, and Waste and Air quality legislation, and indirectly also the Marine Framework Strategy Directive.

For Climate Action, Integrated Projects will focus on the implementation of mitigation and adaptation strategies and action plans in all relevant sectors.

The new LIFE programme may also fund technical assistance projects aimed at supporting the preparation of Integrated Projects.

The LIFE programme 2014-2020 will contribute to sustainable development and to the achievement of the objectives and targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the 7th Union Environmental Action Programme and other relevant EU environment and climate strategies and plans. Read more about the new LIFE programme and integrated projects.