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LIFE gets new financial instrument: Natural Capital Financing Facility

The Natural Capital Financing Facility (NCFF) is a new instrument financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission that will provide loans and investments to support projects that conserve, restore, manage and enhance ecosystems and/or apply ecosystem-based approaches. The total budget for 2014-2017 is 100-125 million euros – the size of each NCFF investment will typically be between 5-15 million euros.

There are four different types of projects that will be supported: projects involving payment or compensation for the benefits provided by ecosystems; investments in natural capital that generate a range of goods and services; projects developing biodiversity offsets; and innovative pro-biodiversity and adaptation businesses. Both public and private entities, including public authorities, land owners, businesses and NGOs are eligible for the funding.

A 10 million euro support facility for capacity building and project preparation and implementation is also available for projects that, once fully developed, could be awarded NCFF funding.

Interested project developers can contact the EIB at any time to express an interest in the NCFF. The EIB can be contacted at: NCF_Instrument@eib.org

You can find more information about the NCFF on the European Commission website. The European Commission will also be holding an NCFF information event in Brussels on 8 May. To register for the event, complete the online registration form.