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New LIFE NGO publications available

Two new publications from the LIFE unit are now available online. The first is an achievement brochure outlining the activities funded by LIFE NGO operating grants in 2013. The second publication is a compilation brochure that provides an overview of the 28 NGOs funded by operating grants in 2014, including a section on Eurosite.

The NGOs focused on a wide range of fields in 2014, including nature and biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of resources, water quality, climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental education and awareness raising, clean transport and sustainable production, farming and food consumption.

Whilst the 2013 NGO achievements brochure highlights the specific achievements of four environmental NGOs covering different policy areas, namely: Carbon Disclosure Project, Health Care Without Harm, NGO Shipbreaking Platform and Slow Food.

Download the brochures from the LIFE website.