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New publication out! LIFE and Invasive Alien Species

There are between 1200-1800 Invasive Alien Species (IAS) threatening biodiversity, ecosystem services and human health in Europe. The LIFE programme has been tackling this problem for over two decades. Now, this timely new publication from the LIFE Nature Focus series links these LIFE projects with the new European Union IAS Regulation, which aims to tackle both intentional and nonintentional releases of IAS, prevent invasions, establish early warning mechanisms, and control already eradicated IAS.

As well as highlighting successful management approaches, LIFE and Invasive Alien Species also looks at lessons learnt from previous LIFE projects, which can be applied to project proposals for LIFE projects in 2014-2020.

This new publication is essential reading for practitioners working in this area and will provide invaluable guidance for the implementation of the new EU IAS Regulation.

Download LIFE and Invasive Alien Species.