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Peatlands in the EU Restoration Law


A broad coalition of conservationists, scientists, and farmers throughout the European Union have raised their concerns regarding the insufficient protection of peatlands in the EU. The letter urged to not further delay the publication date of 22 June for the publication of the Nature Package, including the Nature Restoration Law. Additionally it asks to keep ambition with regard to the restoration and protection of peatlands, also on agricultural land.

As peatlands are important as well as cost-effective, and it is therefore crucial to ensure effective ecosystem restoration and include dedicated targets in the Nature Restoration Law:

  • Rewetting drained peatlands leads to drastic GHG emission reductions while building a bio-based circular economy
  • By rewetting drained peatlands, substantial improvements in flood protection, water scarcity buffering, and water quality come along as co-benefits
  • By rewetting drained peatlands, threatened habitats of wetland/peatland flora and fauna can be restored.

To reach the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and EU Climate Law, a transformation pathway for all EU peatlands should lead to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The EU should act as a frontrunner of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration and towards ambitious biodiversity targets at the upcoming CBD COP15 in Kunming. Please find the full letter here. Feel free to share it widely with relevant politicians in your countries!