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Second Boreal and Atlantic Natura 2000 seminars


The Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process was launched by the European Commission at the end of 2011 with the aim to improve and strengthen the implementation of Natura 2000 and ensure progress towards key EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy targets.

The process provides the means for Member States and expert stakeholder networks to:

  • Work together and collaborate on practical habitat management issues identified as being of common priority and shared importance;
  • Take stock of the current conservation status of specific priority habitats in a biogeographical region and determine what needs to be done collectively to improve, maintain or restore the condition of habitats and species of Community interest;
  • Share experience, build knowledge and develop consensus about priority management actions required for particular habitat types in the Atlantic region;
  • Take specific agreed cooperative actions to restore or maintain favourable conservation status for those habitats that fall within their territory;
  • Network and exchange management experience information, to continue to build know-how about the most effective ways to achieve more for habitats and species of Community importance.

The Natura 2000 Seminars are milestones in a continuing process of networking, information sharing and knowledge building, of direct benefit to stakeholders across the Atlantic and Boreal Biogeographical Region. The Seminars aim to generate concrete outputs as identified by participants, which can be further developed following the Seminar. Although some attention will be given to reviewing progress since the first Seminars the focus is very much forward-looking – this will include:

  • Taking stock of the activities implemented since the kick-off seminar and identify and agree further concrete actions and cooperation priorities, which can be developed and taken forward by various actors in the region – with the aim of reaching favourable conservation status (FCS);
  • Identifying possible new conservation issues/priorities – new cooperation actions based, in particular, on the lessons learnt from the latest State of Nature Report, including a ‘roadmap’ of agreed future collaborative actions;
  • Compiling sources of information and experience that capitalise on completed projects, available guidance and potential new proposals to increase synergies and collaboration opportunities.

The Second Boreal Natura 2000 Seminar will take place from 5 – 7 October in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Second Atlantic Natura 2000 Seminar will take place from 25 – 27 October in Ireland.

Through those networking events, as well as the Natura 2000 Communication Platform, the collaboration amongst all stakeholders will be encouraged and enhanced. Eurosite is coordinating the Atlantic and Boreal Biogeographical Process in cooperation with its lead partner ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation.