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Eurosite network

We are a network of site managers, non-governmental and governmental organisations, and individuals and organisations committed to our vision. Our members are based across Europe – from the Atlantic islands to the Black Sea; and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

Eurosite Members commit to networking because they believe that the network enables them to generate greater opportunities and benefits for nature as well as enhancing their own work. Collectively, working together, the fundamental shared belief is that networking through Eurosite will optimise benefits for Europe’s nature.

The Secretariat works with Members to trigger and identify joint working where there are common interests and benefits for Europe’s nature. Facilitated by the Secretariat, Members are able to capitalise on their individual and collective experience by comparing practices and approaches, avoiding duplication of effort, learning from each other and identifying ways to inform and improve delivery of each other’s work. Cumulatively, working in this way through Eurosite, benefits accrue for individual Members and Europe’s nature.

Networking involves a spectrum of issues and takes a variety of forms adapted according to Members’ needs. Networking can be either one-to-one, for example through Twinning, or many-to-many, such as through workshops. Networking works at various levels, from site to EU level, and enables Members to work together according to their priorities.