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Ulster Wildlife Trust

Ulster Wildlife Trust (operating as Ulster Wildlife), est. in 1978, is a local environmental charity which works to ensure that wildlife has a future in Northern Ireland. The Trust works with local people to secure space for nature in the countryside, towns, coastlines and seas. The work is guided by two key themes of Living Landscapes and Living Seas, and the Trust has undertaken a broad range of environmental work in managing 18 natural sites. Examples include the conservation of key species such as barn owls, red squirrels and sharks, skates and rays; the protection of key habitats including peatlands and other wetlands; the campaigning for Marine & Coastal Protected Areas, as well as attempting to inspire people to appreciate and enjoy the nature and wildlife around them through education and youth engagement activities.

The Ulster Wildlife Trust envisions a healthy, well-cared for natural environment which contributes to enjoyment, quality of life, prosperity, health and well-being. All work is aligned with the strategic goals to:

  • Inspire people to champion wildlife and value nature
  • Protect and restore habitats and ecosystem services
  • Stand up for nature by influencing government policy
  • Promote health and well-being through enjoyment of the natural environment
  • Grow success and extend outreach.

The Ulster Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts across the UK. The Wildlife Trusts partnership is the largest UK voluntary movement dedicated to protecting native habitats and species. Although the 46 Trusts are part of this national collective, each individual Trust is a wholly independent entity.


Jennifer Fulton
Email: Jennifer.fulton@ulsterwildlife.org
Website: www.ulsterwildlife.org