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Management Body of Mt. Aenos National Park

The Management Body of Mt. Aenos National Park  is an authority governed by private law and was established in 2002, by the Law 3044/2002 as amended by theLaw 4519/2018. Its purpose is to manage and protect all the Natura 2000 sites of Cephalonia and Ithaca islands in Greece. Among them there are three land protected sites (GR2220001, GR2220002, GR2220006), of which one is the Aenos National Park andthree marine protected sites (GR2220004, GR222005 and GR2220007). The Agency is supervised by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and financed by Govermental Budget, Green Fund and European resources. The Management Body of Mount Aenos National Park is run by a board composed of 7 members with Dr. George Drakatos as President. The Management Body is currently housed in the Koutavos Environmental Centre at Argostoli on the Cephalonia island, Greece. The main responsibilities of the Body are scientific monitoring, environmental education and patrollling/guarding the Natura 2000 protected areas of Cephalonia and Ithaca.

The Management Body of the National Park of Mt. Aenos conducts Environmental Education/Awareness activities in the National Park, the marine protected areas as well as at Koutavos Lagoon in Argostoli, the capital of Cephalonia island. The personnel of the Management Body regularly organises seminars, meetings and tours in the protected areas of Cephalonia, thus offering visitors a memorable experience in a marvelous mountainous and marine environment with many endemic and rare plant and animal species.

The Management Body of Mt. Aenos National Park plays an important role in the protection of Natura 2000 sites of Cephalonia and Ithaca. The effectivity of patrolling/guarding the protected areas is ensured through the implementation of a Protection Plan that defines the everyday presence of staff members in the protected areas with defined tasks, depending on the circumstances. The main aim of this plan is the protection of habitats and species, infrastructures as well as the prevention of illegal actions and activities such as poaching, illegal animal browsing and, in general, the control of human activities in the protected areas. Ensuring compliance to the rules and regulation of the Aenos National Park and Natura 2000 sites contributes scientifically to their protection. Also, the jurisdiction for the protection of the areas is divided among many services (e.g. Forest Service, Fire Department, Marine Department etc.). The Management Body seeks and safeguards their active help and constant cooperation.

Finally, The Management Body of the National Park of Mt. Aenos coordinates and actively participates in several Environmental Monitoring Actions concerning flora, fauna, avifauna, habitats, mushrooms and others related fields of study.

With help of Eurosite membership we expect to exchange expertise/ideas/knowledge with other European scientists and staff in order to better manage our protected areas. We are available for cooperation, networking and research partnerships with other members of the Eurosite network.


Dr. Michael Xanthakis
Email: ainosnationalpark@gmail.com & foreasainou@ath.forthnet.gr
Phone: +302671029258
Website: https://aenosnationalpark.gr