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Marina Škunca

Areas of expertise: Marina is an ecologist – botanist, with an extensive experience in flora, vegetation, habitat and ecosystem research (incl. mapping); remote sensing, GIS analysis and area evaluation from the aspect of biodiversity. Furthermore, Marina gained a vast experience as a co-author of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) and Nature Impact Assessments (NIA). She is also interested in ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption, green infrastructure and citizen science, while her favourite topic is invasive alien plant species.


"My first contact with Eurosite was during the workshop in Litoměřice where I had an opportunity not only to learn something new, or look at something old from a different perspective, but also to contribute and share my experiences. Since I'm a firm believer in life long learning and knowledge exchange, I liked this combination of professional growth, networking and experience exchange. And looking at Eurosite's mission and work… I would definitly like to be part of it."


Marina Škunca
Email: marina.m.skunca@gmail.com