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Society for the Coast (EUCC – Poland)

The Society for the Coast (Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Wybrzeża) is a non-governmental (NGO) organisation established in 1996, according to Polish Law, to realise the following most important aims:
  • realising active nature conservation and creating a platform for development of sustainable development on a local and regional scale;
    large scale nature education (from separate publications to organised camps and field activities, media campaigns, TV and radio programmes);
    strengthening the importance of the Baltic Sea coasts and solving problems connected to wise use, sustainable development and nature conservation, also by creating platforms for co-operation between GOs, NGOs, local communities, scientific organisations and individuals involved in conservation problems in the coastal zone;
  • creating platforms of cooperation and participating in international movements dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable development;
  • supporting local initiatives based on valuable nature areas.

Thanks to the Society’s activities and financial support from EECONET Action Fund (Netherlands), about 1,000 ha of the valuable coastal meadows are actually owned and managed by the Society. They are mainly located around the Szczecin Lagoon and bought to realise active nature conservation, education and social integration programmes.

Among their important long-term activities and projects, one of the most spectacular and important is “WE Young People See Nature”. This Polish –  Dutch education project supports a group of children (13-15 years old) from selected Polish and Dutch schools. Through exchange visits to selected valuable areas, such as the Odra Delta Nature Park in Poland, and looking at these areas through the lens of a camera, the schoolchildren learn more about nature conservation and cultural values. “WE Young People See Nature” started in 2006, and about 300 children have so far been involved. More than 250,000 photos have been collected.

Kazimierz Rabski
Email: krabski@wp.pl
Phone: +48 501558987
Website: English or Polish

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