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Wetlands and Climate Change Working Group welcomes Mr. Jean Jalbert as new chairman

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We are happy to announce that during the Eurosite Annual Meeting 2017, Eurosite Council member Mr. Jean Jalbert was declared the new chairman for the Wetlands and Climate Change Working Group. We would hereby officially like to give him a warm welcome and wish him the best of luck!

The WCC Working Group was created to facilitate, support, inspire and unite Eurosite members in the common goal of caring for Europe’s nature. All the Eurosite Working Groups (Wetlands and Climate Change, Economics and Ecosystem Services and Marine and Coastal Proteced Areas) are in line with one of Eurosite’s main missions: to share ideas and good practice on subjects that are of interest to Eurosite members.

The Wetlands and Climate Change working group works with the aims and objectives to:

  • increase exchange of knowledge on ecosystem-based approaches to adapt and mitigate global climate change and adapting wetlands to global climate change;
  • share information on international initiatives on wetlands and climate change;
  • follow and react to the developments of policy and practice in relation to wetlands and climate change and their effects on the Natura 2000 network, and advocate best possible approaches;
  • cooperate on the development of joint projects and identify funding sources.

On its importance, the Working Group’s new chairman stated:

“Wetlands are on the frontline of Climate Change. They are victims of the effects of Climate Change on the hydrological cycle and sea level rise, but they are on the other hand extremely relevant and cost effective ‘Nature Based Solutions’ for limiting the impact of Climate Change on livelihood and biodiversity.”  – Jean Jalbert, Eurosite Council member and contact person of Eurosite member Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat.


Photo copyright: Tour du Valat