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5th Green-Go Short Film Contest launched

The 5th edition of the Green-Go Short Film Contest, organised by CEEweb for Biodiversity, has now been launched. The contest is seeking short films that focus on consumption, resource extraction or the benefits of nature – and that call on citizens and decision makers to act for a better world.

This year Eurosite is helping to co-organise the ‘You are part of nature’ category. This category asks participants to imagine that Europe’s nature has been put on trial in order to decide whether we should get rid of it or not. Your video will be used as evidence in the trial – what do you want the jury to see? Fond memories of a once beautiful Europe or a call to action to defend the ecosystem services nature provides?

The deadline for entering the contest is 15th September 2015. For more information about the categories and how to enter, see the Green-Go website.