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Bird Flyway: a different way of travelling


Bird Flyway is an ecotourism project covering a network of European wetlands that have at least two elements in common: they have a visitor centre and they are located on the migration route of two well-known bird species: the goose and the osprey. Following these birds on their migratory paths across Europe, travellers are in direct contact with nature. It is a trip every nature lover should do once in their lives, completing all the stages and recording the visits in a passport.

The overall objective of the Bird Flyway project is the creation of a trans-European tourist experience that includes a selection of wetlands, following the migration route of the goose and the osprey, from Finland to West Africa. This activity will allow the enhancement of these wetlands, which form part of the Natura 2000 network, together with the generation of economic resources that will in turn enable the conservation and management of these spaces.

At the same time, this project will have a very direct repercussion on the conservation of the wetlands, by increasing the number of visitors, generating new economic resources and enhancing the natural resources of each enclave.

The project is run by the Urdaibai Bird Center (Aranzadi Society of Science) in collaboration with many partners including several Eurosite members, associates and friends.

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Source: Migratory Birds for People Programme newsletter June 2016