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Bird tracking in Europe

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Eurosite member “Dutch Montagu’s Harrier Foundation” recently changed its Dutch name. Whereas previously called “Werkgroep Grauwe Kiekendief” (Workgroup Montagu’s Harrier), the organisation is now called “Grauwe Kiekendief – Kenniscentrum Akkervogels” (Montagu’s Harrier – Knowledge Centre Farmland Birds) to more accurately reflect their broad scope of work on farmland birds. Initially the Dutch Montagu’s Harrier Foundation focused on practices related to the protection and monitoring of and research on Montagu’s harriers. Nowadays, however, the resulting knowledge and measures from these activities can be applied to research and protection of a far wider range of farmland birds. The English name of the organisation will remain the same.

Among the many interesting projects of the Dutch Montagu’s Harrier Foundation is the tracking of several GPS-tagged birds species throughout Europe. The website provides the opportunity to follow rough-legged buzzards, Montagu’s harriers, marsh harriers and red kites during their migration and the possibility to gain more insight in their habitat use and dispersion patterns. Such knowledge could also be interesting to other Eurosite members working on projects related to bird ecology and migration patterns. You can find more information on the Dutch Montague’s Harriers Foundation’s website.