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Crane twins for Natuurpunt


This spring, two cranes were born in the ‘Valley van de Zwarte Been’ (Valley of the Black Brook), an area managed by Eurosite member Natuurpunt in Belgium. It is the iconic and mythical bird’s first successful breeding case in Belgium ever. The twins carry the names Gru and Dru, and are the icing on the cake for the intensive site management efforts, as well as a boost for nature restoration in the whole of Flanders. 

Despite them being just little chicks, Gru and Dru already make for great ambassadors for more ‘wet nature’ in Flanders. A so-called ‘diaper’ bank account was opened to achieve that goal, so that peatlands and swamps can be restored. Over the past fifty years, 75% of wet nature in Flanders has been damaged, deteriorated, or disappeared. Step by step this is being restored, now under the watchful eye of Gru and Dru. As a baby shower gift, you can make a donation towards this goal.

Photo credit: Wim Dirckx, Natuurpunt