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Dutch ‘Gateways to Nature’ boost regional economy


The Province of North-Brabant (the Netherlands) officially opened their network of 30 ’Natuurpoorten’ (Gateways to Nature) last April. Natuurpoorten are inviting starting points for a cycling or walking tour in a natural area. They feature good-quality restaurants with a playground, parking space and information panels about the area. As well as providing easy and appealing access to nature, Natuurpoorten also boost the regional economy by stimulating new entrepreneurial initiatives, improved landscapes and safer roads and more cooperation between regional stakeholders. All 30 Natuurpoorten are united in a foundation structure, in order to financially support branding and profiling of the concept in the future.

Eurosite’s Dutch members Staatsbosbeheer, Brabants Landschap and Natuurmonumenten are very closely involved in the Natuurpoorten Foundation.

According to Brabants Landschap “these Natuurpoorten are a win-win situation for both the recreational exploiter as well as nature conservation organisations. Our interest lies in attracting more visitors but mainly also in better managing their pressure on the natural area, in closer cooperation with other regional stakeholders, and in profiling and therefore creating more public support“.

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Photo: Website Staatsbosbeheer