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Ensuring the ‘diversity’ in ‘biodiversity’: Crop Wild Relatives

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As part of the Horizon 2020 Farmer’s Pride consortium, over the coming years, Eurosite will contribute to the establishment of a network of stakeholders and conservation sites that effectively coordinates conservation actions to safeguard the wealth of Europe’s in situ plant genetic resources (PGR) and integrates the user community to maximise sustainable use.

Crop Wild Relatives play a large role in achieving this goal, because they contain a wide range of genetic diversity. This makes Crop Wild Relatives an invaluable resource for crop improvement, for example in crops becoming more resilient, resistant, and adaptable to climate change and its influence.

Farmer’s Pride will significantly strengthen European capacities for the conservation, management and sustainable use of in situ plant genetic resources as a foundation for increased competitiveness in the farming and breeding sectors, and ultimately for long-term food and nutritional security in Europe.