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EU Pollinator Initiative EHF position paper

Financing Natura 2000

Naturally, we welcome the decision of the European Commission to launch an initiative to tackle the rapid decline of pollinators in Europe. Crucial to ecosystems, the decline of pollinators in Europe leads to unavoidable crises with regards to agriculture and health if no action is taken now. Therefore, dedicated policy is needed more than ever to stop the receding numbers of pollinators across Europe. Because we are convinced the Pollinators Initiative is of essential importance, the European Habitats Forum of which Eurosite is a member, has conducted a position paper that was sent to the European Commission’s DG Environment today. We feel the Initiative must introduce measurable changes benefitting pollinators and biodiversity at a large scale for the conservation and the restoration of the pollinators and their habitats to ensure the long-term sustainability of pollination in Europe. Please find the paper here.

Until 5 April, everyone can contribute to emphasising the importance of the EU Pollinator Initiative by responding to the Public Consultation of the European Commission here. As a helpful tool, Buglife has developed a guidance for answering the questionnaire, which is available on their website.