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Eurosite featured in new LIFE grants brochure

Eurosite WCC study tour 2018

Eurosite and its work has been featured in the latests brochure on NGO grantees of the LIFE operating grant. The brochure discusses recent achievements of NGO networks in the protection and promotion of biodiversity in the EU. The Eurosite Network is honoured to be featured, and greatly appreciates the recognition for the work that we do.

“Beyond politics, making nature healthy again is nothing new for the EU’s LIFE-funded NGOs, who for years, have been making great strides under our previous biodiversity strategy.”

Angelo Salsi, Head of Unit of the LIFE Programme at EASME in the brochure.

Whereas the Eurosite Network is involved in a multitude of interesting projects and activities, this addition of the brochure focuses on the work being done on Natural Climate Buffers. As Kristian Čivić, Network Development Manager at Eurosite mentions: “Nature can defend us against the effects of climate change and these buffers are an excellent example. Natural solutions are as good, if not better, than human-designed concepts, and they can even be more economically viable.” Eurosite continues to work on this important topic through, among other, the Eurosite Wetlands and Climate Change working group.

As the brochure rightly states, these projects are just the tip of the iceberg. Not only Eurosite works on many other project, so do hundreds of other NGOs throughout Europe. We are happy to be involved with many of them and would like to extend this appreciation for our Network to them as well. If you want to be inspired by the many interesting projects, make sure to read the brochure featuring examples from Birdlife Europe, WWF, Coalition Clean Baltic, Fern, EUROPARC FEDERATION, Wetlands International Europe, IFOAM EU and CEEweb for Biodiversity.