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Eurosite has joined the global peatlands initiative


Eurosite has officially become a member of the Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI), a partnership of now 34 organisations! The Global Peatlands Initiative was formed in 2016 in an effort to save peatlands as the world’s most important stock of terrestrial carbon. It aims to protect and conserve peatlands, and prevent them from becoming carbon sources instead of sinks. Eurosite’s Peatland Restoration and Management Group, set up and operated under the Care-Peat project, plays a part in collecting and disseminating best practices in peatland restoration and management, and the monitoring of such practices. Additionally, Eurosite aims to create connections between the European practitioners involved in peatland action and the Global Peatlands Partnership. As a member of the GPI, Eurosite and its Peatland Restoration and Management Group have the opportunity to disseminate knowledge and experience gained through projects such as Care-Peat on a global scale, thereby contributing to the global conservation of peatlands.