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Significant progress made on the Eurosite Management Planning Tool


Following the launch of the management planning toolkit for protected areas during Eurosite’s Anniversary Annual Meeting in Monticiano, Italy last November, the Eurosite Management Planning Expert Group (EMPEG) has made significant progress on the new management planning tool. The group now estimates that the tool will be ready to go public in May, this year. EMPEG would like to stress that the management tool is a living feature that will need to be updated once new information on specific topics related to management of protected areas becomes available.

Topics on which information still needs to be added include the management of peatlands and the impact climate change has on the management of protected areas. EMPEG will therefore seek cooperation with the newly established Eurosite Peatland Restoration and Management Group and the Eurosite Working Group on Wetlands and Climate Change. Furthermore, EMPEG also welcomes members of Eurosite who want to contribute to the tool, especially on topics like ecological connectivity and visitor management.