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Eurosite Year of Twinning: it’s in our DNA

Rupicapra rupicapra 8, Gems, Saxifraga-Mark Zekhuis

Established in 1989, Eurosite evolved out of the European Natural Sites Twinning Programme, which linked 33 sites across Europe since 1987. To commemorate 30 years of twinning and celebrate our activities in this field, we have proclaimed 2017 as the Eurosite Year of Twinning.

This year we will publish the Eurosite Twinning Framework, have several events with a strong focus on twinning, and extend the twinning section on our website with a Twinning Partner Search Board.

Are you looking for a twinning partner? The search board publishes calls from organisations that are seeking to collaborate on a specific theme or activity. If you need some support, tell us what and who you are looking for, and as well as posting your request on this Twinning Partner Search Board, we will actively look for a suitable and interesting twinning partner from within the Eurosite network or our partner networks.

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Photo: Rupicapra rupicapra, Saxifraga-Mark Zekhuis