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Follow-up Training on Ecosystem Services for site managers

On 8 and 9 May 2018, in order to bridge the gap between science and practice the Eurosite’s Economic and Ecosystem Services Working Group (EES WG), with the support of EKLIPSE has organised a two-day short course to address this issue and facilitate the exchange of information between science and practice. The course was hosted by Wageningen Environmental Research and was attended by 27 participants from 15 countries. The event was an excellent opportunity for people to network and share questions, problems and experiences with the ecosystem services concept in different countries.
At the end of the two-day programme the participants were very enthusiastic and very keen to learn more about the subject and were interested to attend a more elaborate training programme on ecosystem services in the near future. Eurosite will continue to create opportunities like this, for site managers to meet in person and exchange knowledge on this topic and other topics of their interest.
All the presentations from the workshop are available on our dedicated event page and a report of the workshop will be available there soon.