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Inspiring youth through and for nature

(Tren Reemers) 14 Bas on adventure

Last week, the We Young People See Nature initiative – a collaboration between Eurosite members Hans Hofland and the Society for the Coast (EUCC Poland) connecting international youth to each other and nature through photography – organised another exchange to Poland. A Dutch high school class left early Sunday morning on their way to the Polish Odra Delta.

The official programme started Monday morning with a visit to a herd of Konik horses. Normally, these horses reside in two or three groups throughout the area. This time however, they were all grouped together – perhaps an effect of the increasing number of wolves in the Odra Delta.

All students went into nature equipped with a camera. Throughout the expedition, the cameras are used as a means to connect to each other (despite different cultures) and to nature. The students went on various expeditions by canoe (without cameras) and by bicycles that were once used in the Dutch National Park ‘the Veluwe’. During the evenings, photos were evaluated and students had the opportunity to discuss what they had seen.

The organisers thought it was remarkable that youngsters seem increasingly dedicated and that their photography skills improve every year. Nature, and nature conservation is experiencing, and experiencing is participating!


Photo credit: Tren Reemers, WEYPSN