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LandLife toolkit published

The toolkit is based on seven technical tools and is addressed to land stewardship organisations to help them develop and implement land stewardship projects. Download the toolkit.

The LandLife toolkit aims to complement the Helpdesk by explaining what land stewardship is and how organisations can use this conservation tool in land management and in their nature conservation initiatives.

The toolkit contains seven tools:

  • Tool 1: Self assessment questionnaire: Are we ready to work as a Stewardship Organisation?
  • Tool 2: Guide to define land stewardship projects
  • Tool 3: Designing, negotiating and monitoring land stewardship agreements
  • Tool 4: A model of land stewardship agreement
  • Tool 5: Eurosite Management Planning Guidance & land stewardship
  • Tool 6: How to fund land stewardship initiatives
  • Tool 7: Effective communication for land stewardship: Key issues

You can download the toolkit from the LandLife website.