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We are proud to present the LIFE MULTI PEAT project that held it’s official kick-off meetings on 25 and 26 January! This new LIFE project with partners from 5 EU countries (Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland) aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to recover the optimal conditions to restart their sequestering functions. All of this is done under the precondition of overcoming obstacles in multi-stakeholder landscapes. With Eurosite Member NABU (Germany) as a lead partner, MULTI PEAT will assess the climate impact of the restoration measures by quantifying the GHG emissions, calculating the current annual GHG budgets and the potential savings in the future. The ways to implement carbon credits business models in the restoration investments will be also tested during the project.

Eurosite’s role in the project, together with the National University of Ireland, Galway, will be to develop a toolkit to catalogue selected EU peatland projects, policies and data. The toolkit will include an EU-wide peatland policy catalogue, a peatland data portal, and a peatland policy development tool. The policy catalogue will include global, European, national, and regional policies. Eurosite will also set up a European Peatland Policy Working Group, send out European Peatland Policy Newsletters, as well as coordinate national CAP and WFD analyses and provide recommendations.

 Throughout the project, synergies will be sought with the NWE Interreg Care-Peat working groups and the European Peatlands Initiative that is currently being developed.  LIFE MULTI PEAT will run until September 2026. Please find more information on the project, as well as on other projects Eurosite partners in, here. Project partners: NABU (Germany), Natuurpunt (Belgium), Natuurmonumenten (Netherlands), National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland), Klub Przyrodników (Poland), Ogólnopolskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Ptaków (Poland), and Eurosite.