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Natural Climate Buffers Study Tour follow-up


From 18-20 April, 38 participants from 11 different European countries gathered for the Natural Climate Buffer Study Tour through the north of the Netherlands to learn about five Dutch pioneering natural climate buffer projects and nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation in the Netherlands.

The event was organised by Eurosite in cooperation with Natuurmonumenten and the Dutch Natural Climate Buffer Coalition. The participants expressed great interest in finding project partners, learning from good practices and networking. The aim of the tour was to inspire and to unite forces to work together against the effects of global warming. For this purpose, the Netherlands have the ability of providing various examples of good practices considering their history with water management. The country’s below sea level location and the presence of several freshwater rivers makes about two third of the country a high-risk flooding area. 

To find out more about the natural climate buffers and their nature-based solutions in climate change adaptation, please read the study tour’s report (including many stunning pictures), which is available for download here. A more elaborate summary can be found here.