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Open call: IUCN searches Natura 2000 site managers to test approach for the Green List Sustainability Standard

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IUCN is currently carrying out an EU-funded LIFE Preparatory Project – ‘Improving the performance of the Natura 2000 network through a Green Listing approach’ (LIFE16 PRE BE 001) – to determine the feasibility of the application of the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard to Natura 2000 sites in order to promote effective management and provide a benchmark of excellence. The IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard is a new global standard for protected and conserved areas which aims to improve the contribution that equitably governed and effectively managed protected areas make to sustainable development through the conservation of nature, but also through the provision of associated ecosystem services and social, economic, cultural, and spiritual values.

As part of this project, IUCN is issuing an open call to Natura 2000 site managers, inviting them to apply for the testing phase of the project. Selection of Natura 2000 sites identified for inclusion will be based on a number of criteria, such as management type, land ownership, geographical scope, size, boundaries, and participation in existing schemes. Successful candidates will be asked to provide information about their site against a set of Criteria and Indicators. Site managers will also provide feedback on the general process, evaluate how effectively their site is being managed, and whether successful conservation outcomes are being achieved.

The testing phase of the project is expected to start in June 2018 and will run for at least one year, ending in May/June 2019. Selected site managers will be expected to allocate some time to gather the necessary information and provide their feedback to IUCN during this period. Please note that this testing phase is applicable to terrestrial Natura 2000 sites only, and that participation in the testing phase of this project does not guarantee the Natura 2000 site will be awarded Green List status.

Why apply?
By participating in this project, sites will begin the process towards achieving IUCN Green List status. Selected site managers will have the opportunity to help tailor the Green Listing approach to the Natura 2000 context, and will receive feedback from protected area management experts on the management effectiveness of their sites. In addition, participating in this process will allow site managers to better understand if and how they can improve the management of their site.  Participation in this project will also increase the visibility of the site being tested, providing a good communications opportunity.

Application Procedure:
In order to apply for participation in this project, please complete a short 2-minute survey, where you will be asked to answer a series of questions about the site you are proposing for participation in the project. You can access the survey through the link below:
Participation in the application procedure is free of charge. IUCN will get in touch with you soon if your site has been selected for testing.