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The Water Framework Directive (WFD) is the most comprehensive instrument of EU water policy, and its main objective is to protect and enhance EU water resources to achieve good status. Created in 2000, the WFD protects EU water resources, such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, streams, groundwater and coastal waters. It is considered as one of the most important pieces of environmental legislation ever to pass, and the most powerful tool at the disposal of civil society and industry to advocate for strong and ambitious water protection and restoration.

Currently, the WFD is being reviewed. Through this review, some EU Member States are trying to weaken the WFD’s high standards. Without them, Member States would not have the obligation to preserve and improve their water sources.

The EU policy makers have to realise that the legal framework is strong and ‘fit for purpose’. However, Member States should put more energy and resources towards implementing the WFD ambitious’ goals not just on paper – but also in practice.

A  public consultation has been launched by the European Commission. Because it is of extreme importance to prevent the weakening of the WFD, as many responses as possible should be delivered to the consultation. WWF EU, as part of the Living Rivers Coalition, has prepared a response that will best ensure that the law is kept safe. Help #ProtectWater here.