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Study tour & Global Congress of the International Land Conservation Network


From 20-26 January 2018, Eurosite, as a part of the LIFE-ELCN team, has attended a Study Tour and the Global Congress of the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) in Chile.

During the Study Tour the LIFE-ELCN delegates had an opportunity to learn about the conservation tools and techniques in use in Chile first hand, and to discuss the potential of their transferability from country to country. The Study Tour included meetings with landowners regarding their conservation decisions and challenges, as well as with legislators and lawyers regarding specific mechanisms for conservation. In particular, the newly passed Chilean Derecho Real de Conservación represents the first time a Civil Code country has amended its constitution to include a ‘right of conservation;’ therefore, allowing landowners to choose to protect their properties in perpetuity. This tool could serve as a model for European countries with civil code legal systems.

The ILCN’s Global Congress From Communities to Countries: Visionary Conservation in a Changing World was focussed on four key topics: conservation finance; law and policy; organisation and governance; and land management, restoration, and stewardship. The Congress was an excellent opportunity to continue to build relationships, share best practices, and catalyse new initiatives to advance private land conservation around the world. It was attended by some 150 attendees from over 20 countries from all over the world. A detailed report from this event will follow shortly on the LIFE-ELCN website.