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The Barcelona Declaration: a keystone for the future of land stewardship in Europe

For the first time in Europe, a wide range of public and private organisations and people from around the world will meet in Barcelona to talk about land stewardship at the first European Congress of Land Stewardship. They will discuss ideas and exchange experiences and knowledge in order to suggest directions and proposals for the future of land stewardship in Europe.

The “Barcelona Declaration on Land Stewardship” will be debated and presented during the Congress, which is co-organised by Eurosite and the other LandLife partners in Barcelona from 5-8 November 2014.

In 2009 the “Milano Declaration” created the conditions for a European Partnership in favour of land stewardship as an innovative practice that makes the owners of land protagonists of a concrete action for landscape conservation and enhancement of biodiversity. In 2014, the “Barcelona Declaration” will virtually conclude the LandLife project and will lay the foundations for the future development of land stewardship in Europe.

Cooperation between associations, public and private institutions, farmers, landowners and citizens through the use of land stewardship will contribute to change the course of land use management and guarantee the protection of habitats, biodiversity, natural resources and the integrity and beauty of European landscapes.

This European movement for land stewardship aims to promote land stewardship in regional, national and European policies and to define a European Strategy for both private and public land management.

For more information about the event visit the LandLife Congress website.