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The Conservatoires d’espaces naturels make a scene!

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‘What sort of scene?’ you might wonder. ‘What happened?’ you might think.Not to worry, we are not talking figuratively. With your help, they are planning to shoot a video for educational purposes to present their work.

Since more than 40 years, Eurosite member the Fédération des conservatoires d’espaces naturels (FCEN) manages over 3,700 natural sites in France, covering 180,000 hectares. Approximately 1000 sites are open to the general public.

To increase their visibility as a French nature conservation network, they decided to create this video to present their work to explain to French citizens what they do, how visitors are expected to behave when visiting natural areas, as well as to raise awareness for the importance of their work and involve the public in their conservation actions. With a director, illustrator, and voice-over actor already identified, all there is left to do is collect the funds to produce the video, for which a fundraising campaign has been set up. Will you help realising their goal? There are 31 days left, and so far the campaign received a little over a third of the target amount of €7500. Besides making a financial contribution, you could also help by liking and/or sharing the campaign.

For questions, please contact FCEN’s Communications Manager Sandrine Poirier.