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Twinning east and west: exchange trip

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From 18 to 23 September a Twinning exchange took place between youths of The Netherlands and Poland as part of the WE Young People See Nature project. This project aims to educate youngsters by facilitating teenagers to look at Natura 2000 areas, culture and each other through a camera lens. The Twinning is an initiative of Kazimierz Rabski of the Society for the Coast – EUCC Poland and Hans Hofland from The Netherlands. They understand that knowledge sharing and involving teens in nature conservation is important, and that cameras are a neat tool in helping them to do so. The project is unique in that it couples each participant with a ‘buddy’ from the other nationality for the duration of the trip. In addition to nature conservation, this encourages intercultural communication and understanding for each other.

This edition, Dutch teenagers traveled to the Odra Delta in Poland. EUCC Poland’s Martyna Rabski put together a very educational and inspiring programme, which also allowed room for a field trip to learn about Natura 2000 and the natural value of the particular area. Culture and nature went hand in hand with a visit to a Viking village flowing over to a visit to the Wolinski National Park where many animals showed themselves to the enthusiastic group of young photographers.

Saying goodbye was tough, but fortunately in the second half of the school year the Polish teens are expected to come to The Netherlands to experience Dutch nature and the culture of their Dutch buddies.