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You can join the Eurosite network as an organisation or as an individual member. To subscribe as a member, please click one of the following buttons. You can download our membership fee levels 2022 to determine your fee.

For more information on the different types of memberships, see below.

Membership information

Eurosite offers its members a number of services, all of which create direct benefits for the members – we aim to save our members time and money, help them achieve their nature conservation goals, and facilitate their professional development.

  • Profile raising: We provide an established platform for you to promote your work to the rest of our network, as well as to the wider European nature conservation community – allowing you to reach thousands of other sites managers.
  • Information sharing: We share the most current and relevant information about nature site management and EU policy, saving you time and ensuring you remain up-to-date with the latest policy developments.
  • Networking: At our Annual General Meeting you will be able to come together to network and share ideas with site managers from across Europe.
  • Workshops: Every year we organise a programme of workshops and training activities based around the issues that matter to you. During our workshops members and other site managers share experiences and gain knowledge. Members are also entitled to a 20% discount on their workshop fee.
  • Working Groups: We help our members to set up working groups on key topics. Our working groups run an annual programme of work including workshops.
  • Brussels: We have an active presence in Brussels. We attend key events, such as Green Week, and participate in meetings of the European Commission’s Expert Group on the Management of Natura 2000 and the European Habitats Forum. Through these events and meetings we are able to advocate for site managers’ needs. We also provide members with feedback from these meetings.
  • Twinning: We have over 25 years of experience in twinning nature sites. We help our members to find twinning partners, draft Twinning Agreements and ensure the smooth running of their twinning. Twinnings are a valuable opportunity for members to learn from organisations facing similar issues in other countries. Find out more about our Twinning Programme.
  • Projects: We take part in projects that are aligned with our Vision & Mission and always involve members in these projects. We are currently taking part in the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process, which has benefitted our members, for example, through funding opportunities. We also help our members to find project partners from our extensive database of contacts.
  • Best practice examples: Eurosite collects and showcases best practice examples from our members on a range of key topics.

Through collaboration and networking our members are able to exchange knowledge and experience. Whether they are visiting one another's sites, sharing resources or attending a Eurosite workshop, our members are working together to benefit Europe's nature 'on the ground'.

Membership type

Eurosite has members and associate members. What is the difference?

Members can only be legal persons who:
a. subscribe to Eurosite’s mission;
b. have the intention to participate in the activities of the association;
c. own or manage natural areas in Europe.

In the event that the mission of the applicant organisation is broader than Eurosite’s mission, then nature conservation and nature management must make up a significant part of the goals or the activities of the applicant organisation.

Associate members are natural persons or legal persons who are greatly interested in the work of Eurosite and who subscribe to the objectives of the association. Associate members are not members within the meaning of the law, seeing that they have no voting rights and they can thus not elect representatives for the Eurosite Council. The associate members furthermore have the same rights and obligations as do members.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact us.