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Geonatura Ltd. Consultancy in Nature Protection

Geonatura Ltd. is a consultancy in nature protection that was established in 2008 by a group of nature protection experts. The company's goal is to provide its clients with innovative and effective services in nature protection and preservation all over Croatia and its neighbouring countries.

Today, with 20 employees, Geonatura gathers one of the largest teams of nature protection experts in Croatia which, accordingly, are its leading power. Their competence in different biological disciplines and perennial professional experience is complemented with expertise in geoinformatic tools (GIS) and other contemporary scientific methods such as remote sensing, telemetry, ecological modelling, and others. The company is structured around five groups: (1) terrestrial ecosystems research group; (2) freshwater ecosystems research group; (3) bird monitoring group; (4) bat monitoring group; and (5) large carnivores monitoring group; cooperating also with different associate experts by demand.

Geonatura’s services include, among others, biological inventory and biomonitoring, nature and environmental impact assessment, preparation of action and management plans, mapping and assessment of ecosystem services, as well as research associated with the use and management of natural resources, climate change adaptation and sustainable development. Furthermore, the company offers education and specialization to various stakeholders in nature protection, such as the public institutions and NGOs.

Through its activities, Geonatura facilitates the cooperation between the science community and public, as well as private subjects, thus presenting an inevitable link between the state, the public and the private sector in nature protection projects and activities.


Hrvoje Peternel
Email: hpeternel@geonatura.hr
Web: www.geonatura.hr