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Become a Friend of Natura 2000

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As part of their active advocacy for not opening the Nature Directives as a result of the recent fitness check, CEEweb for Biodiversity started a campaign to protect the directives. Everybody who is benefiting from Natura 2000 and/or would like to support it, is now encouraged to become a Friend of Natura 2000.

Tell CEEweb how you benefit from the Natura 2000 network, how your business is profiting from sustainable nature use, what Natura 2000 changed in your life, or something else. In return, they will channel your message through this campaign and get your voice heard on the European level.

The annual Green-Go Short Film Contest is also part of CEEweb’s current campaign to support the Natura 2000 network. The contest is currently open for submissions: http://greengofest.eu/ (Deadline: 31 October 2016)

Eurosite is a close partner of CEEweb and actively supports this campaign. Help us to support nature, become a Friend of Natura 2000 and tell why you love it!

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Watch this example video of stakeholders of the Natura 2000 Národny national park Malá Fatra in Slovakia: