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Survey: impacts of Covid-19 on protected areas


Covid-19 influences all aspects of society, including the management of protected areas. It is important to take stock of such impacts and the measures that are being taken to address them. The IUCN World Commission for Protected Areas (WCPA) has put out a survey addressing these topics.

The IUCN WCPA has created an online questionnaire to analyse and understand the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on protected areas, take stock of measures being taken to address these impacts and to identify future opportunities for protected areas in the post-Covid-19 era. Filling out the survey should only take less than 15 minutes. Responses should be filled in in English, nevertheless it does not have to be perfect English. Responses to the questionnaire will be analysed with data from other surveys and no individual or organisation will be identified in any reporting. The IUCN-WCPA commits to ensuring that any results will be made available to you.

Responses can be submitted here until 27 July 2020.