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Webinar – Peatlands in the new CAP


On Wednesday 3 June 2020, Wetlands International – Europe, the Greifswald Mire Centre and the National University of Ireland – Galway are co-organising a webinar on peatlands in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Fully functional and healthy wetlands are the most effective long-term carbon store and sink on the planet. The drainage of peatlands in Europe, however, remains a cause of concern due to the continuous breakdown of stored carbon and thereby emissions of large amounts of CO2. With the EU being the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) from drained peatlands and with such emissions representing circa 5% of the total EU GHG emissions, reducing such practices provides an important opportunity to reduce overall GHG emissions.

A recent policy paper addresses this issue and will be presented during the webinar. Furthermore, the event will present the science base behind peatlands at the EU level, show examples of farming and inform about solutions and how these could be integrated in the new CAP. The draft agenda is as follows:

13.00 – 13.05 Introduction

13.05 – 13.20 First round of presentations

13.20 – 13.35 Questions and answers

13.35 – 13.45 Second round presentations

13.45 – 13.55 Questions and answers

13.55 – 14.00 Wrap up

You can find more information and register for the webinar here.