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Recruitment privacy statement


This privacy statement is also intended to inform applicants of the way in which Eurosite collects and processes the data of applicants and applies to all recruitment and selection procedures at Eurosite.

The purposes of collecting and processing

Eurosite offers employment possibilities, including volunteering and internships. The data and documents provided by the applicant, for example by email or regular mail, are processed by Eurosite, among other things, to determine whether the applicant is eligible for a position within Eurosite. In order to make a good selection of applicants for the right vacancy, the recruitment and selection process at Eurosite can consist of comparing the applicant's details with the vacancy and the corresponding qualifications, and possibly contacting job applicants. In some cases, Eurosite might contact referees / training institutes.In addition, the data can be processed for passing on information to the relevant applicant about other vacancies for which the applicant could be eligible. The applicant's details can also be forwarded within Eurosite to determine whether an applicant is eligible for a job other than the position for which the job was applied. Furthermore, the data can be used to send general information to the applicant, for example about Eurosite and (the functioning of) the website.

If an applicant is hired, personal data obtained can be further processed for the implementation of the employment contract, including the drafting of the employment contract and for administrative purposes.

The applicant's personal data will initially be collected through the motivation letter and / or curriculum vitae submitted by the applicant. In addition, personal data may also be collected through personal and / or telephone contact with the applicant, referees and / or training institutes, or further written information. Data from public sources can also be consulted. In case of internal applications, use can also be made of personal data already available within Eurosite.

Which data is processed?

Eurosite processes personal data that may be relevant to the recruitment and selection procedure. This concerns in any case the data as provided by the applicant, including name and address details, other contact details, the gender, the date of birth of the applicant and any photograph. Furthermore, the education, courses followed, internships and the job history of the applicant may be relevant.

If this is necessary for the job, applicants can be subjected to an assessment. In that case, the persons who are responsible for the execution thereof will be provided with personal data that are necessary for the assessment.

Retention of data

Eurosite stores the data of applicants during the recruitment and selection procedure. During the recruitment and selection procedure, the applicant can indicate (in their motivation letter) whether Eurosite can approach the applicant for future vacancies. If the applicant gives permission for this, the details of the relevant applicant will be kept for one year. If the applicant does not give permission for this, the details of the applicant will be deleted no later than four weeks after completing the application procedure. An applicant can withdraw consent given at any time. A message must be sent to info@eurosite.org.

The rights of the applicant

An applicant has the right to inspect the processing of his/her personal data. Requests in this area should be addressed to the e-mail address above. In response to such a request, an applicant may request that his/her data be corrected, supplemented, removed or screened off, for example if the data is factually incorrect.

Eurosite, 17 May 2018