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Welcome to the Eurosite Twinning Partner Search Board

Are you looking for a twinning partner? You’ve come to the right place! This search board publishes calls from organisations that are seeking to collaborate on a specific theme or activity. Each call describes what these organisations are looking for. Have a look and find your perfect match!

Not found the right twinning partner? Eurosite can support you, so tell us what and who you are looking for, and our search will begin. As well as posting your request on this Twinning Partner Search Board, we will actively look for a suitable and interesting twinning partner from within the Eurosite network or our partner



Date of publishing: 16 March 2017
Type of organisation: National NGO
Type of twinning: Thematic twinning
Country: Belgium
Description of the twinning need: Natuurpunt as an organisation strongly relying on the work of volunteers, is interested in the exchange of experience with similar organisations from other countries in approaches to attracting and motivating volunteers. More specifically, Natuurpunt is interested in setting up cost-covering voluntary schemes such as the Finnish “Herder Weeks” concept on grassland management and meat production, where volunteers herd the flock, and cover the participation costs themselves.


Date of publishing: 16 March 2017
Type of organisation: Governmental organisation
Type of twinning: Site twinning
Country: UK
Description of the twinning need: Natural England is interested in twinning their two peat sites Holme Fen and Woodwalton Fen with similar sites in North-Eastern Europe. Woodwalton is regarded as a fen site, and represents some of the last fragments of undrained fen in the UK. Holme was a raised bog but as the land around has dried out, the site struggles to hold water and now has a substantial birch woodland over much of the site which has its own value. Another interesting aspect would be to twin with sites that support similar species. Both Holm and Woodwalton have very rare plants in the UK, these being the fen violet (Viola persicifolia) at Woodwalton Fen and fen woodrush (Luzula pallidula) at Holme Fen.